Low-Profile Customizable Foam Insert for PACKOUT™ Drawer Tool Boxes

Our Customizable Foam Insert for the PACKOUT™ Drawer Tool Boxes allows you to customize your storage. You can cut out custom designs to securely store and protect your tools. The foam is layered to provide easier customization. Each piece of foam is cut to securely fit into each drawer shape. This customizable foam insert fits in the MILWAUKEE® PACKOUT™ 2-Drawer, 3-Drawer, 3-Drawer Multi-Depth, and 4-Drawer Tool Boxes (48-22-8442 , 48-22-8443, 48-22-8447, 48-22-8444).



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  • Customize Your Insert
  • Layered Foam for easy customization
  • Durable construction provides increased protection for Tools
  • Designed to fit PACKOUT™ 2-Drawer, 3-Drawer, 4- Drawer, and Multi-Depth 3-Drawer Tool Boxes (48-22-8442, 48-22-8443, 48-22-8444, & 48-22-8447)
  • Securely Store and Protect Your Tools
  • Three Step Process to Create a Custom Layout
  • Step 1: trace your product
  • Step 2: cut the outline with a knife at desired depth
  • Step 3: peel out the layers
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Product Specifications

Material Composition Foam
Length 12.5 in
Weight 0.5 lb
Height 3.6 in
Width 16.3 in