16oz Smooth Face Hybrid Claw Hammer

Our 16oz. Hybrid Claw Smooth Face Steel Hammer is designed for the Best Driving Performance. Its precision balanced design provides strong and smooth striking power, while the I-beam handle is designed to withstand bending. The SHOCKSHIELD™ Grip, reduces Vibration up to 10X more than the competition and is the most durable grip in the industry. The magnetic nail set is designed to allow you to set nails one-handed. The Hybrid claw allows for greater versatility on the jobsite for easier nail pulling applications.

  • SHOCKSHIELD™ Handle - Vibration Reduction
  • Precision Balanced Design
  • Magnetic Nail Set
  • I-Beam Handle Construction
  • Most Durable Grip
  • Anti-Ring Claw
  • Smooth Face
  • Hybrid Claw
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee
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Product Specifications

Length 13.2 in
Weight 1.76 lb
Height 1.5 in
Width 5.4 in