Shockwave 1" METRIC HEX Impact Bit Set 8pc

Our 8 Piece SHOCKWAVE™ 1" Metric Hex Impact Bit Set is engineered to have the Most Durable, Best Fitting driver bits on the market. The Wear Guard Tip™ delivers increased wear resistance which protects the fit over the life of the bit. The Shockzone™ is optimized for for each tip type and length of driver bit to absorb peak torque and prevent breaking. The Custom Alloy76™ has a customized steel and heat treatment per tip type to extend the life of the driver bits, providing up to 50X life vs. competitive impact driver bits. SHOCKWAVE™ driver bits are built to deliver extreme durability for the most demanding applications.


(1) Metric Hex Insert Bit 2.5mm (1) Metric Hex Insert Bit 3mm (1) Metric Hex Insert Bit 4mm (1) Metric Hex Insert Bit 5mm (1) Metric Hex Insert Bit 6mm (1) Metric Hex Insert Bit 8mm (1) Metric Hex Insert Bit 10mm (1) Metric Hex Insert Bit 12mm
  • Wear Guard Tip™ protects fit over the life of the bit
  • Optimized Shockzone™ absorbs peak torque and prevents breaking
  • Custom Alloy76™ Steel is engineered to extend bit life
  • Precise Fit Custom Machined Tip prevents stripping and reduces wobble.
  • Shockzones™ are optimized in both length and width per tip type for best performance across tip types.
  • Laser hardening at the tip creates an outer protective shield for improved wear resistance.
  • Customized geometry and heat treatment per tip type for best performance across tip types
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