3" Carbide Chain Knocker for 5/16" Chain Snake Cable

Our 3” Carbide Chain Knocker for the M18 FUEL™ High-Speed Chain Snake delivers a wall-to-wall clean that can tackle scale build-up, hard deposits, grease, and tough blockages. The carbide chain knockers are best used in Cast Iron and other hard-walled pipes. These carbide tabs deliver strength and durability for long-lasting descaling performance. These steel chain knockers feature durable construction to tackle tough clogs in 3” lines. Featuring stainless steel set screws for corrosion resistance. Additional accessories available for more descaling and breaking up grease: 1-1/2” Carbide (48-53-3024), 2” Carbide (48-53-3025), 4” Carbide (48-53-3027), Grease Penetrating Head (48-53-3028).

  • Compatible with the M18 FUEL™ High Speed Chain Snake for 1-1/2” – 4” Pipes
  • Delivers a wall to wall clean that can tackle scale and hard deposits
  • Carbide Chain Knockers are best used in Cast Iron Pipes
  • Stainless Steel Set Screws for Corrosion Resistance
  • Compatible with competitive 5/16” flexible shaft machines
  • Ability to Navigate Tees and Bends.
  • RUST GUARD™ Plating to Prevent Corrosion
  • Additional accessories available: 1-1/2” Carbide (48-53-3024), 2” Carbide (48-53-3025), 4” Carbide (48-53-3027)
  • Additional accessories available for grease and soft blockages: 1-1/2” Standard Chain Knocker (48-53-3020), 2” Standard Chain Knocker (48-53-3021), 3” Standard Chain Knocker (48-53-3022), 4” Standard Chain Knocker (48-53-3023), Grease Penetrating Head (48-53-3028)
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Product Specifications

Length 5.65 in
Weight 0.5 lb
Height 1.0 in
Width 2.0 in
Pipe Capacity 3"
Material Composition Carbide Tipped|Carbon Steel