Grease Penetrating Head for 5/16" Chain Snake Cable

Our Grease Penetrating Drain Snake Head for the M18 FUEL™ High-Speed Chain Snake delivers the ability to open up fully blocked up grease blockages. Combining the penetrating head with a chain knocker will deliver the best results in opening up and delivering a wall-to-wall clean. The steel penetrating head features durable construction to tackle tough clogs in 1-1/2” – 4” lines. Featuring stainless steel set screws for corrosion resistance. Additional accessories are available for descaling: 1-1/2” Carbide (48-53-3024), 2” Carbide (48-53-3025), 3” Carbide (48-53-3026), 4” Carbide (48-53-3027).

  • Compatible with the M18 FUEL™ High Speed Chain Snake for 1-1/2” – 4” Pipes
  • Penetrates solid grease blockages to open up the clog
  • To be used with a Standard or Carbide Chain Knocker Accessory
  • Can be used in PVC, Cast Iron, Clay Pipes
  • Stainless Steel Set Screws for Corrosion Resistance
  • Compatible with competitive 5/16” flexible shaft machines
  • RUST GUARD™ Plating to Prevent Corrosion
  • Additional accessories available for more efficient descaling: 1-1/2” Carbide (48-53-3024), 2” Carbide (48-53-3025), 3” Carbide (48-53-3026), 4” Carbide (48-53-3027)
  • Additional accessories available for grease and soft blockages: 1-1/2” Standard Chain Knocker (48-53-3020), 2” Standard Chain Knocker (48-53-3021), 3” Standard Chain Knocker (48-53-3022), 4” Standard Chain Knocker (48-53-3023)
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Product Specifications

Length 1.0 in
Weight 0.125 lb
Height 1.45 in
Width 1.0 in
Material Composition Carbon Steel