6-Point Ratcheting Suspension

Our 6-Point Ratcheting Suspension can be quickly adjusted to your fit preferences. The suspension has an adjustable swinging ratchet that sits lower on your head for better comfort. Our suspension lineup features the largest ratcheting adjustment range in the industry. The 6-Point Ratcheting Suspension features a moisture-wicking sweat band so you can stay cool and dry fast. For better comfort, the suspension comes with cushioned ratchet and crown pads. The sweatband is anti-microbial to prevent odor and bacteria build up and is removable and machine washable. Our 6-Point Ratching Suspension is compatible with all MILWAUKEE® Hard Hats.

  • Moisture Wicking Sweat Bands
  • Cushioned Ratchet and Crown Pad
  • Compatible with all Milwaukee® Hard Hats
  • Replacement for Milwaukee® Hard Hats w/4pt Ratcheting Suspension
  • Evenly Disturbs Weight on Head
  • Reversible in compatible Milwaukee® Hard Hats
  • Sweatband is antimicrobial to prevent odor and bacteria build up
  • Easily Click In and Out

Product Specifications