BOLT™ Full Face Shield Mount Replacement (No Brim Helmet Only)

Our BOLT™ Full Face Shield Replacement Mount (No Brim Helmet Only) is designed to allow for quick and tool-free shield replacement. This is the mount replacement for BOLT™ full-face shields (compatible with MILWAUKEE® No-Brim Helmets). The mounts feature stiff locking detents to keep the shield in position during climbing and swift movements. The mounts are designed to be as low-profile as possible, keeping the shield close to the user's face and creating a seal at the top of the helmet. The mounts secure into the BOLT™ Front Slots on MILWAUKEE® No-Brim Helmets. This face shield mount is part of the BOLT™ accessory system which allows users to Secure Accessories Simultaneously.

  • Tool-Free Shield Change
  • Lightweight, Low-Profile Design
  • Secures into BOLT™ Front Slots
  • Quick Attachment & Removal
  • Compatible with Milwaukee® Safety Helmets with no Brim
  • ANSI Z87.1+ Rated
  • Third-Party tested & certified
  • Compatible with Milwaukee® Polycarbonate and Metal Mesh Shields (for Safety Helmets with No Brim)
  • 180° field of view
  • Compatible with safety glasses
  • Pack Dimensions - 16.9"D x 11"W x 9.1"H
  • For use with BOLT™ Accessories
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Product Specifications

Length 2.0 in
Weight 0.1 lb
Height 2.0 in
Width 2.0 in
Style Helmet Only