M12™ Cordless Power Port

Charge up to 5 small electronic devices with a single, portable unit. The M12™ Cordless Power Port powers up small electronics wherever you need a charge, from the jobsite to your work truck to your non-work activities. It provides two ports – DC and USB – to charge cell phones, MP3 players and other small devices that draw up to 3 amps (DC) or 750 ma (USB). The port features a charge status LED and electronic overload protection. Delivering portable power, versatile design and convenience, the M12 Cordless Power Port runs on the Milwaukee® M12 Lithium-Ion battery, and is compatible with the entire M12 platform.

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  • Portable power: Lightweight yet durable, runs on the Milwaukee M12™ Lithium-Ion battery
  • Single unit simplicity: Powers up to 5 small electronic devices (two at a time) on DC and USB ports with quick recharges
  • Charge management: Features a charge status LED and electronic overload protection

Product Specifications

Voltage 12V
Battery System M12
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Weight 2.01 lbs