Circular Saw Fiber Cement Blades

MILWAUKEE® PCD/Fiber Cement Circular Saw Blades provide up to 75X longer life, increased accuracy and cooler cuts in fiber cement applications. The blades are designed utilizing Polycrystalline Diamond Teeth to extend cutting life in fiber cement material. The blades feature Laser Cut Vibration Slots to reduce wobble and warping. With an Anti-Friction Coating, the blades resist corrosion and gumming. MILWAUKEE’s Circular Saw Blades are optimized for cordless and corded performance.

  • Polycrystalline Diamond Teeth: Extend cutting life in fiber cement up to 75X longer
  • Anti-Friction Coating: Provides cooler cuts
  • Laser Cut Vibration Slots: Increase blade accuracy and prevents wobble and warping

Product Specifications

Application Fiber Cement
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