Core Rig Stand

Our Core Rig Stand for use with the MX FUEL™ Core Rig provides a faster setup and the most versatile coring. The Core Rig Stand comes with (4) leveling bolts on each corner as well as (2) inlaid bubble levels on the base and on the mast, ensuring users are level and coring with precision on any surface. The onboard hole center indicator can line up with the center of cores mapped out on site, while the Core Rig Stand’s distance measurements beside the anchor slot ensure the user is placing their anchor in the correct spot every time. The Core Rig Stand’s ½” square drive handle can be used to raise and lower the core drill from either side, bevel the mast up to 30 degrees, as well as remove the core drill from the stand itself. The Core Rig Stand’s wheels are fully removable, allowing users to reduce weight and overall footprint when mounting the stand on a wall or fitting into tight spaces.

  • Detachable Wheels
  • Hole Center Indicator
  • (4) Eye Hook Leveling Bolts
  • (2) Inlaid Bubble Levels
  • Distance Measurements on Anchor Slot
  • ½” Square Handle
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Product Specifications

Length 24 in
Weight 60.8 lb
Height 43.5 in
Width 10.1 in
Material Composition Steel