12pc 3/8" Drive SAE Socket Set

Our 12 piece 3/8” Drive Metric Ratchet Set delivers ultimate versatility and access. The slim-profile ratchet features a pivoting ratchet head, allowing you to use it as a ratchet, a nut driver, or any angle in between. Our FOUR FLAT™ Sides are anti-roll and wrench-ready. Metric socket sizes are stamped into the flats for improved visibility and easy reference. The ratchet wrench kit is stored in a soft-sided carrying case that includes a socket rail to keep sockets and accessories organized, both on and off the job site.


(1) 3/8" Drive Roto Ratchet (1) Carrying Case (1) 3/8" Deep Well Socket (1) 7/16" Deep Well Socket (1) 1/2" Deep Well Socket (1) 9/16" Deep Well Socket (1) 5/8" Deep Well Socket (1) 11/16" Deep Well Socket (1) 3/4" Deep Well Socket (1) 6" Extension (1) 3/8" to 1/4" Drive Adaptor (1) 3/8" to Hex Adaptor
  • Pivoting Ratchet Head
  • Slim Profile Design
  • Wrench-Compatible Sockets
  • Parallel Socket Flats Deter Rolling
  • Stamped Size Labels
  • Organized & Portable Storage Solution

Product Specifications

Weight 2.65 lbs
Width 5.6"
Height 1.69"
Length 10.75"