Milliamp Clamp Meter

Over 10X faster than measuring milliamps with a traditional multimeter, the Milliamp Clamp Meter is designed for measuring 4-20 mA signals used in control panels to collect and send data, and can measure 0 to 99 mA to cover a broad range of control signals if needed. Enhanced design features of the tool will allow professional electricians, HVAC technicians, building maintenance specialists and others working with 4-20 mA signals to troubleshoot an entire control panel faster and more easily. The tool features a long clamp wire and narrow jaw profile for easy clamping in tight spaces. Additionally the high contrast white on black display is easy to read in all lighting conditions. Built with the durability expected from Milwaukee®, the Milliamp Clamp Meter also has secure, on-board clamp storage and a rugged over-molding to protect the meter if dropped and make it easier to use with greasy or gloved hands.


(1) Milliamp Clamp Meter (2231-20) (1) Carrying Case (2) AA Batteries (1) Manual
  • Measures 4-20 mA without breaking the loop
  • Measures 0 to 99 mA to cover a broad range of control signals
  • Secure on-board clamp storage
  • Long clamp wire

Product Specifications

Display Type High Contrast White on Black
Tool Warranty 5 Years
Battery Type Alkaline (AA)
Milliamp DC Range 0 to 100
4 20mA Resolution 0.01mA
Maximum Conductor Size 0.23"
LED Work Light Yes
Rugged Over molding Yes
Length 2.5"