M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 6T Pistol Utility Crimper O-D3 Kit

Our M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 6T Pistol Utility Crimper is The Easiest Way To Crimp Overhead. As the lightest, most balanced 6T pistol utility crimper, it provides linemen the easiest alignment when making connections at shoulder height or above. Predictive Force Monitoring (PFM™) constantly measures force output to provide the fastest crimp speed while delivering accurate pressure and instant verification every time. A 340° rotating head allows for easy access into tight spaces. Compatible with Eight crimping and cutting jaws, the crimper delivers the versatility to tackle a variety of applications. With the ability crimp up to 4/0 line taps and cut up to 750MCM Cu, 1000MCM Al, 477 ACSR, ½” EHS Guy Wire, 3/8” Rebar, and 3/8” Ground Rod by simply changing jaws, the crimper becomes a lineman’s single crimping and cutting solution. With our ONE-KEY™ Technology, Milwaukee® Crimpers enable you to store real-time crimp data, generate professional reports, view historical tool performance data, and sync it all wirelessly to the cloud for easy access. The 6T Pistol Crimper features a POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor, REDLINK™ Electronics, and REDLITHIUM™ Batteries, providing you with unmatched reliability in the toughest conditions. In addition to the cordless 6T Pistol Utility Crimper, the kit includes an M18™ 6T Fixed O Crimping Jaw, two M18™ REDLITHIUM™ CP2.0 Batteries, an M18™ & M12™ Multi-Voltage Charger, and a contractor bag.




  • Lightest, most balanced for easiest alignment overhead
  • 340° head rotation for easy alignment


  • PREDICTIVE FORCE MONITORING (PFM™) ensures full pressure
  • Instant verification of successful cycle with green LED


  • Fastest Connections in All Elements
  • Unmatched reliability with completely sealed electronics that keep dirt, dust and moisture out


    • Lightest, Most Balanced 6T Pistol Crimper Provides Easiest Alignment When Making Connections Overhead
    • Fastest Crimp Times In All Elements
    • PFM™ (Predictive Force Monitoring) Ensures Full Pressure
    • Pre-Crimp Battery Check Automatically Ensures Enough Charge To Complete Each Crimp
    • Instant Verification Of Successful Cycle With Green LED
    • Records & Stores Every Crimp Made For Professional Report Building Through ONE-KEY™
    • Longer Life With POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor & Weather Protected Electronics That Keep Dirt, Dust, And Moisture Out
    • 340° Head Rotation For Easy Alignment
    • Eight Interchangeable Jaws Deliver Versatilty To Tackle A Variety Of Jobs With One Tool
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    Battery Specifications

    Voltage 18V

    Product Specifications

    Height 12.25"
    Length 17.25"
    Weight 5.40 lbs
    Width 3"
    Power Source Cordless
    Head Rotation 340°
    Output Force 6T
    Cycle Time 2.9 sec
    Cut Capacity 750MCM Cu, 1000MCM Al, 477 ACSR, ½” EHS Guy Wire, 3/8” Rebar, and 3/8” Ground Rod
    Battery System M18