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Bits del controlador de impacto Shockwave

Driving Performance Forward

With the launch of SHOCKWAVE™ in 2009, Milwaukee delivered the first line of power tool accessories specifically designed for use with impact drivers. As tool usage and technological advancements within impact drivers has rapidly increased, SHOCKWAVE™ has continued to innovate and provide tradesman with the best performing impact accessories available. SHOCKWAVE™ will continue to be at the forefront of impact accessory technology and focus on DRIVING PERFORMANCE FORWARD.

Shockwave Sets

Driver Bits

Hole Saw

Nut Drivers

Step Bits

Drill Bits

Sockets and Adaptors

Bit Holders and Extensions

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Bringing Carbide Technology To Driver Bits
Our SHOCKWAVE™ MATRIX CARBIDE™ Bits have new-to-world innovation, solving the frustration of driver bit tips wearing out prematurely. The impact driver bits combine Shockzone™ technology with our new proprietary MATRIX CARBIDE™ Steel, allowing this driver bit to absorb the peak torques of impacts while providing extreme wear resistance. This revolutionary advancement in impact driver bit technology is backed with a Lifetime Tip Warranty™ ensuring these bits are able to drive fasteners long after all other impact bits have failed.

Shockwave Impact Duty™ Driver Bits

Optimized Performance For Every Tip Type
Our SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Driver Bits are the Most Durable, Best Fitting driver bits on the market. The WEAR GUARD TIP™ increases wear resistance, protecting bit fit over the life of the bit. The Shockzone™ is optimized for each tip type and length of driver bit, absorbing peak torque and preventing breaking. CUSTOM ALLOY76™ steel and heat treatment is customized for each tip type for up to 50X bit life. The SHOCKWAVE™ impact driver bits provide extreme durability for the most demanding job site applications.

Wear Guard Tip™

Protects Fit Over Life Of Bit

Optimized Shock Zone™

Absorbs Peak Torque & Prevents Breaking

Custom Alloy76™ Steel

Engineered To Extend Bit Life


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